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Founded in March of 2009, Hat Tricks 4 Humanity began as the Eagle Scout project of Mike Behme, a 14 year old Boy Scout from Troop 830 of Clinton, Pennsylvania. The project began with two main objectives: First, to recycle hats thrown after a hat trick at an NHL hockey game and second, to help those less fortunate by giving them a clean, refurbished hat. This endeavor also benefits the environment by keeping hats out of landfills.

Mike has experienced the joy of helping the less fortunate and has been moved by the support of his community. Mike's fellow Boy Scouts and Leaders from Troop 830 have made the project possible by participating in the cleaning and distribution process. Mike's school, West Allegheny High School, has partnered with him in holding a Hat Drive for the cause. Hockey friends, neighbors, and local businesses have come aboard to donated hats, laundry supplies, money, and this web site.

Hat Tricks 4 Humanity has now become a long-term project. Mike has met his goal to satisfy his Eagle Scout Requirement. He plans to continue his efforts until he enters the College of his choice.

History of the Hat Trick

The earliest account of a hat being awarded for scoring three goals is known to have occurred in Toronto when a local hat maker, was approached by a hockey player who asked for a hat. According to legend, the player entered the hat shop to purchase a hat but didn't have enough money. The shop owner arranged a deal with the hockey player stipulating that if he scored three goals as he played that night, he would be given a free hat. That night, on January 26, 1946, Alex Kaleta of the Chicago Black Hawks, scored four goals against the Maple Leafs and the businessman made good on his offer.

Scout Statement

This Boy Scout Eagle Project provides a hands-on educational opportunity to plan, organize, coordinate, control and lead a real non-profit humanitarian enterprise that benefits the less fortunate and improves the ecology.

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Hat of the Month

This "My First Penguin's Cap" was thrown at Sydney Crosby's 12/29/2010 Hat Trick that was subsequently recalled when it was determined that the third goal was tipped into the net by Matt Cooke's stick. Although the Hat Trick was recalled, approximately 125 hats were tossed onto the ice in celebration!

Spotlight Organization

Operation Troop Appreciation
"Thank you to Kristen Holloway Querriera, for providing us the means to give hats to soldiers being deployed from the Pittsburgh area. We hope the hats affirm your mission, "To build and sustain the morale of deployed troops, enabling them to complete their missions with the assurance that the American public supports and appreciates their selfless service and daily sacrifices."
- Mike Behme

Boy Scout Troop 830, Clinton Pennsylvania

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